Plastics Operations Process Capabilities

Universal Bearings, LLC’s plastic operations process capabilities have met the growing need for thermoset plastic custom molding, thermoplastic and composite material production for the automotive, aerospace, electrical and petroleum industries. We’re known for our commitment to excellence and the outstanding quality of our products.

Our plastics operations process capabilities include injection, compression, and transfer molding. In addition to our precision-controlled molding process, secondary operations including post-molding curing, baking, heat-treating and de-flashing ensure optimal quality and performance from our products.

All thermoset plastic custom molding, thermoplastic and composite material molding production processes, from start to finish, are completed at our facility in Ithaca, MI. The following processing equipment forms the core of our plastics operations process capabilities. Universal Bearings operates 13 molding presses from top manufacturers, ranging in tonnage from 22 to 700.

Current Processing Equipment

Thermoplastic Equipment

  • 1-450 Ton Injection Press
  • 1-375 Ton Injection Press
  • 1-335 Ton Injection Press
  • 1-225 Ton Injection Press
  • 1-22 Ton Injection Press

Thermoset Equipment

  • 3-500 Ton Compression Presses
  • 3-350 Ton Compression Presses
  • 1-375 Ton TS/TP Injection Press
  • 1-300 Ton Compression Press

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Hunziker Deflashing Machine
  • Wheelabrator Deflashing Machine
  • Rotary Tumbler
  • Preheaters
  • Oil Heaters
  • Granulators
  • Dryers
  • Curing Ovens
  • Hopper Loading Systems
  • Conveyor Systems

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