Plastic Operations Quality Control

Universal Bearings, LLC is committed to maintaining our plastics operations quality assurance on each project. Our design and engineering team has extensive experience in thermoset plastic, thermoplastic and composite material custom molding. We work closely with our customers to select the proper materials, additives, molding and finishing process for each job, producing the most durable and effective parts for the application. Before production begins, our engineering department reviews and approves all parts for production and closely monitors the progression of the parts from design to completion.

Our thermoset molded parts are superior for applications that demand heat tolerance, overall strength or dielectric properties and are also a cost effective alternative to metal parts.

An essential part of our plastics operations quality assurance is the use of only the highest quality materials including:

  • Bulk or Dough Molding Compound
  • Sheet molding compound
  • Granular resins, including:

Glass filled

We apply our plastics operations quality assurance to the manufacture of all of our products. With processes built on a foundation of clear and concise communication, a commitment to accuracy and custom designed manufacturing systems, Universal Bearings has established a reputation for the highest level of customer satisfaction and product quality in the automotive, aerospace, electrical and petroleum industries.

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