Design & Testing Capabilities - Universal Bearings LLC

Universal Bearings recognizes that exceptional design and testing capabilities are fundamental to our business. Each of the active parts we manufacture is different from the next and each is designed to meet a particular need. All of our parts are combined with other components that must function properly to meet our customers' requirements.

To that end, we've made significant investment in our personnel and test lab facility to boost our ability to help customers acquire a part designed to fit perfectly into their application. Universal Bearings uses advanced engineering design and simulation software to model and predict how a part will perform as a component of the system that uses it.

For instance, many of our customers are in the automotive industry. Testing for our area of the auto industry is most stringent in the transmission application. Here the life and performance of our part are critical given the speed of rotation, the load applied to the part, lubrication in the area of the part, and the surfaces our part is pressed or rotates against.

As a Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier, we work closely with automotive customers to develop test methods and machines that simulate the conditions that our parts must withstand, ensuring that our bearing components meet life and performance expectations.

We have the design and testing capabilities to get your project rolling with the right bearing system. Contact Universal Bearings or request a quote today.