• Full Time
  • Bremen

Position Summary:

Operate grinding equipment (End Grinder, Centerless Grinder, In-Feed) in a grinder bank environment.   Responsibilities include tasks related to miscellaneous grinding and gauging operations to manufacture a product that meet customer specification.

Essential Functions:

  1. Communication – responsible to assure that all process related information is available to management, other departments if needed, or all team members.
  1. Process control – assure that process is ran in accordance with designated process cards, work instructions, engineering permits or any other temporary document.
  1. Quality Control – assure that gauging instruments are properly set and operate within certification, quality checks as required by instructions and results recorded. Verify in-coming material, evaluate and segregate defects and write NCs when required.  Shut down machine when product quality doesn’t meet specifications.
  1. Material handling – move parts to machine from staging area, assure that right product is ran in right quantity based on customer demand and process rules. Verify at all times that containers, hoppers, and feeders are set to prevent mix.   Move product to next area as prescribed.
  1. Tooling/Equipment – Prepare change over in advance & set machines as per standardized procedures. Troubleshoot equipment problems and fix when deemed appropriate.
  1. Housekeeping/Workplace Organization – Apply 5S techniques on housekeeping and orderliness. Maintain area and machine clean using brooms, mops or self powered equipment.   Maintain at all times tooling, material, and supplies in their assigned areas.
  1. Must be able to change grind/reg wheels as needed.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Physical requirements: Stoop = 25%, Sit = 25%, Stand = 75%, Bend = 50%

(frequency spent)             Walking = 75%, Climbing = 25%, Dexterity = 100% ,

Lifting = 75% up to 50 lbs., Pushing = 50% up to 600 lbs.

  1. Must be able to follow process card specification.
  1. Must have mechanical experience. Must be familiar with basic SPC requirements.
  1. Must have organized work practices to maintain optimum efficiency of machines.
  1. If applicable, use computer to report production data.