• Full Time
  • Bremen

Position Summary:

Responsible for keeping plant (machinery and building) operating with maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.   Set up, adjust, and maintain assigned equipment with responsibility for production and quality on this equipment.

             Essential Functions:

  1. Analyze mechanical and operational problems on equipment and make necessary repairs and corrections to maintain maximum production and quality.
  2. Move, adjust, repair or install new or existing equipment and perform scheduled maintenance on machinery.
  3. Keep plant, equipment, and work area clean and organized, maintaining safety standards as directed by the company and government regulation.
  4. Operate Wastewater Treatment System. This function is carried out by designated maintenance personnel.
  5. Process paperwork related to work assignments.
  6. Able to rebuild equipment (determines either A classification or B classification)

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Electrical and hydraulic troubleshooting knowledge.
  2. Knowledge of machine operation. Proficient in the use of general hand tools, heat sensing devices, power tools, electronic meters, pressure testing devices, welding and air tools.
  3. Physical requirements:           Stoop = 50%, Sit = 25%, Stand = 100%, Bend = 75%

(frequency spent)                   Walking = 75%, Climbing = 25%, Dexterity = 50% ,

Lifting = 75% up to 50lbs., Pushing = 50% up to 400lbs.

4.Must be able to work in hot and cold temperatures.

  1. Wastewater Treatment trained for those designated.