Manufacturing Capabilities / Specifications - Universal Bearings LLC

Although needles/rollers are simple in appearance, if you've ever received an order that was not precisely engineered, you are aware of the difference that a few microns can make. Universal Bearings products are highly engineered from the chemistry of raw materials to manufacturing processes that maintain tight tolerance control. The length and diameter of the ten billion+ needles/rollers that we produce annually are within manufacturing specifications as tight as 1/10,000 of an inch or 2-3 microns.

Our engineering department reviews and approves all parts for production and we closely monitor production as the parts progress through our system. From cutting through heat treating, precision grinding, inspection, packaging and shipping, Universal Bearings uses statistical process control methods to ensure our parts precisely meet your manufacturing specifications.

With continued focus on loose needles and needle bearings, Universal Bearings has developed highly efficient mass production processes to insure superior quality product produced at competitive costs. Depending on part sizes, our manufacturing capabilities range from 200 thousand to more than 3 million pieces per batch. Our processes give us the manufacturing capabilities to efficiently complete high-volume orders with a lead time of just four to six weeks.

All production processes, from start to finish, are completed at our facility in Bremen, Indiana. Universal Bearings currently manufactures more than 1,000 custom designed components, each with unique processing steps.

Our strength is in our ability to design and manufacture bearings that meticulously fit your large volume application. We also apply the same attention to precision in the manufacture of assembled bearings that use our loose needles. Request a quote or Contact Universal Bearings for more information.