Plastics Operations

Thermoset Plastic, Thermoplastic and Composite Material Custom Molding

Since 2005, Universal Bearings, LLC has provided custom thermoset and thermoplastic moldings for the Automotive, Aerospace, Electrical, and Petroleum Industries. We have continued to diversify and grow through the use of established manufacturing practices such as concurrent engineering, just in time manufacturing, delivery, and ISO9001/2008 Quality System registration.

Universal Bearings, LLC provides thermoset plastic custom molding for a wide variety of applications along with thermoplastic and composite material custom molding. Our thermoset molded parts are superior for applications that demand heat tolerance, overall strength or dielectric properties, and are also a cost effective alternative to metal parts. Our quality thermoset and thermoplastic molded products are widely used throughout the automotive, aerospace, electrical, and petroleum industries. Our thermoset plastic, thermoplastic, and composite materials custom molding production methods include injection, compression, and transfer molding. In addition to our precision controlled molding process, secondary operations, including post-molding curing, baking, heat-treating, and de-flashing, ensure optimal quality and performance from our products.

Our plastic operations are based in the United States of America, and are held to the very highest standards of quality. We’re proud of the reputation Universal Bearings, LLC has established for top-performing products and exceptional customer relations.

We are committed to maintaining state-of-the-art plastic operations that result in superior parts and components. To learn more visit our Plastics Division Website.

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