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As contemporary vehicles demand higher fuel efficiency in each new model, their transmissions require special bearings. Universal Bearings has the manufacturing capabilities to precisely fit your requirements for secondary machining, non-standard raw materials, and/or heat treatment processes.

For example, specific aspects are becoming common in automotive pinion pin manufacture for transmission/torque converter applications as the number of gears increase in modern transmissions.

  • Universal Bearings has the capability to create an aperture in your parts, drilling partially or completely through to meet your specifications. In larger parts, such as pinion pins and axles we are able to drill holes full-length, partial length, vertical, horizontal or at an angle.
  • We can machine a flat end or “shelf” at a specific location on a part if your design requires it.

 Our standard raw material is SAE 52100 high quality steel compliant with grade designations: ASTM A-295, SUJ2Z and 100Cr6. However, when your specs call for other steels, we can use SAE1085 modified, SAE 4118, and other carbon grade and alloy steels along with various grades of stainless steel.

The bulk of our products are “neutral hardened” in our heat treating process, but we can also use induction hardening, carbonitriding, ferritic nitro-carburizing and nitriding processes.

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