Universal Bearings LLC Quality Standards

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Quality standards at Universal Bearings are more than a priority; they are a requirement.

Quality control begins with raw materials.

Universal Bearings uses a variety of raw materials, carefully selected from the international companies that meet various SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and other standards. We perform quality checks and inspect all incoming raw materials. We attach bar code labels that record key pieces of information, providing us with the ability to track our inventory throughout the production process.

Much of our equipment is computer controlled to ensure that the parts we produce are within specification. Yet, we perform quality checks during each production step. Universal Bearings maintains SPC (statistical process control) and we check dimensions of randomly selected parts during each production process.

Our employees follow written work instructions, which are audited on a regular basis. We maintain traceability from start to finish as to the raw material used, the machines/production processes the parts flow through, which operator performed which operation on the parts and quality checks that are completed during each stage of production.

Our quality standards provide customers with peace of mind.

In the rare event there is a problem with a part, we can quarantine any questionable parts as well as let our customers know how many and during what time-frame suspect parts were shipped to them.

Since the majority of our business is in the auto industry, we diligently maintain our IATF 16949 certification. This is a quality standard established by auto OEMs to assure our customers that we have a system in place that defines the production processes and audits our processes to confirm that they remain consistent.

This certification takes 1-2 years to earn. It requires a multi-employee quality department to maintain, regular audits by outside, independent, third-party auditors, periodic customer audits and a lot of focus.

The CQI-9 certification relates to our heat treating capabilities and also requires calibration and regular monitoring of our furnaces. Our ISO 14001 certification tells our customers that we are good environmental stewards: that we have a system in place to prevent environmental damage, are efficient with our waste, and that we have an action plan in place in case of an environmental incident.

We also hold certificates of registration for ISO 9001 and certified to General Motors Built in Quality Supply based (BIQS) audit requirements.

Our strict attention to quality standards is evidence of our commitment to precision in the manufacture of Universal Bearings products. Let us show you how our products can make a marked improvement in your application. Request a quote or Contact Universal Bearings for more information.