Bearing Manufacturer – Universal Bearings LLC

Universal Bearings is the market leader in loose needle and needle bearing manufacture. Our products take the friction out of high-volume bearing business, just as our bearings reduce the friction of the machine parts that house them. When you need meticulous precision and unblemished quality, depend on Universal Bearings to deliver your job on spec and on time.

A world-class bearing manufacturer of loose needle and needle bearing products we are rapidly growing into the leader in complete bearing manufacture. Our current product line amounts to near 1000 parts:

While our products are simple in appearance, our product tolerances are as tight as 1/10,000 of an inch or 2-3 microns.; every micron highly engineered from the raw materials specifications that our customers establish, smoothly moving through the design and manufacturing process, and then completed with an exacting final inspection.

Our ultramodern test lab is staffed with a capable, experienced, and inventive team. We use advanced engineering design and simulation software to model and examine how our active parts will integrate with the other components of a system. Our extensive testing ensures that each of our parts fulfills our customers' specifications.

Universal Bearing parts are used in automotive transmissions, universal joints, front wheel drive constant velocity joints, water pump bearings, roller clutches, rollerized cam lifters, rocker arms, cam rollers, starter drives, and as pins and dowels for various applications.

We service manufacturers and parts supply houses in Europe and Asia as well as the Americas.

Universal Bearings LLC is the bearing manufacturer for purchasing agents and engineers who demand impeccable quality in substantial quantities. Request a quote or simply contact us with your questions.