Our bearings are designed to support engines of all types. We have the exact bearing you need including needle roller and thrust bearings that are designed to maximize load support. Our large variety of bearings are extremely durable and robust enough to meet today’s engine standards. Our precision needle and cylindrical rollers and dowel pins are key applications in engines around the world. Our induction-hardened lifter axles are components in rocker arm, hydraulic lifters and fuel pumps.

  • Valve Lifter Needles
  • Rocker Arm
  • Hydraulic Lifters
  • Fuel Pump
  • Water Pump
  • Cam Follower Roller
Inside of Engine

Transmissions / Transfer Cases

Critical planetary gear used in automated transmission and transfer cases is a key application with our induction-hardened pinion pins. We also offer many different finished assemblies such as radial unit caged needle roller bearings and CVJ assemblies that are critical to transmission and transfer case applications. Thrust needle roller bearings, unitized radial or thrust needle roller bearings are essential to the power behind the transfer cases. Transfer cases receive their power from the transmissions and sends that power to both the front and rear axles. Our applications are key to keeping your parts running effectively.

  • Planetary Gear
gearbox and bearings in the section. modern technological mechanisms


We manufacture quality CV-Joints that are essential to transfer torque from the transmission to the drive wheels. You need this to happen at a constant speed, and that’s where our parts come in. We manufacture only the most reliable and durable CV- and U-Joints to ensure your applications are running smoothly for as long as possible. U-Joints are critical to ensuring your transmission is not leaking fluid. Without properly functioning U-Joint and CV-Joints, your automobiles will not run their best. Our components are guaranteed to always perform in our labs and on the road.

  • U-Joint
  • CV Joint
Universal Bearings Drivelines U and CV Joint

Electric Steering & Steering Columns

Our vast line of needles can be found in steering columns and clutch systems in many different types of cars. We manufacture precise needle rollers, cylindrical rollers and dowel pins for steering systems. Our bearing offerings are designed to operate reliably, even under hard working conditions. Our parts will increase your product’s service life and reduce your overall maintenance costs. If you’re looking for components necessary for reducing wear from vibration, look no further than our various applications for steering.

  • Electric power-assisted steering systems
  • Shifts steering system away from hydraulic and toward electrical
3D Schematic of Steering Column

Clutch System / Torque Converters

Our primary products are precision rollers that vary in types and sizes for industrial applications. These precision rollers consist of needle and cylindrical rollers and dowel pins that are key components in clutch systems and torque converters. Our clutch release bearings engage and disengage the clutch. To transfer release force to the clutch pressure plate, our thrust ball bearings can be used. Our pilot bearings support your transmission with ease. These components allow the flywheel to maintain engine RPM while the input shaft is slowing down. Allow our parts to complete your entire system.

  • Clutch release bearing
  • Pilot Bearing
Disc and clutch basket with release bearing

Fuel Enhancement

We are proudly expanding our business in machined components using various CNC lathes and grinders. Some of these quality machined components include Solenoid pins which are essential to fuel enhancement. We manufacture our Solenoid pins with nitriding surface finish for a durable, efficient product. Solenoid pins control the flow of gas, making car engines run and perform better than ever. Ask us more about how our advanced components can benefit the fuel and overall function of your vehicles.

  • Solenoid Pins
Inside of Engine


The uniqueness of Universal Bearings lies in the wide range of automotive applications that use our parts. Whether it be transmissions, transfer cases, water pumps or compressors, we provide the parts that readily combine with our customers’ automotive applications, either for use in their own production or sourced elsewhere to complete their manufacturing process. Our parts are included in nearly every major auto OEM worldwide. Our rigid quality standards apply to all of our products—from what we mentioned above to other components listed below. If you don’t see a certain part in our offering, please reach out to us today!

  • Rollers for seat track bearings
  • Alignment / Locating Pins

Precision Tolerance, Custom Bearing Components

Rely on Universal Bearings for superior quality at competitive prices. Request a quote or contact us today.