Code of Conduct

Business Ethics and Legal Compliance

The reputation of UBLLC for integrity is the company’s most valuable asset. If our reputation for integrity is impaired, we risk losing affiliation with our customers, suppliers, employees, the community, creditors and other stakeholders. We intend to hold a single high standard of integrity in all relationships. We will keep our word and never promise more than we can reasonably expect to deliver. We seek a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship with all individuals and organizations with which we may interact, directly or indirectly.

The ethical performance of UBLLC is the sum of the ethical performance of all employees of UBLLC. Each of us has an obligation, through continued employment, to respect and adhere to our business ethics and legal guidelines. UBLLC intends to foster and maintain a culture where compliance to our guidelines is crucial to our collective success and reputation.

Universal Bearings Products

UBLLC 10 Standards

  • Good Faith and Dignity
  • Fair and Transparent Work Ethics
  • Treating Colleagues with Dignity and Respect
  • Healthy and Safe Work Environment
  • Protection of Company Assets and Information
  • Harmony with the Company
  • Respect for Customers
  • Shared Growth with Business Partners
  • Respect for Social Values
  • Compliance with Global Standards

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